Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Organic Leadership

I participated in a webinar sponsored by The Columbia Partnership today. The session was focused on Organic Leadership and was led by Robert D. (Bob) Dale. The session provided an brief overview of his new book Seeds for the Future: Growing Organic Leaders for Living Churches. It was good to reconnect with Bob Dale. I am about one-third through the book, and I am fascinated by his thoughts. He talked today about the transition in his own life and thoughts about leadership. He uses the model of three interlocking circles (similar to the model I referenced in my earlier post on leadership). Churches are not static organizations, but living organisms. They need organic leadership which focuses on Connecting, Centering, and Challenging. Bob's book provides fresh look at leadership for our day, and new handles for cultivating leadership in your own life and growing leaders in your congregation.

On a related note the BGCM staff has been exploring options for providing training experiences for churches and church leaders. Our Great Commission initiatives are leadership development, congregational health, church planting, and missions mobilization. All of these initiative areas include significant training opportunities. One of the options we are exploring is the development of more web-based training programs, webinars, on-line affinity groups, etc. We would like to hear about your needs. We would also like to hear from you about the delivery systems and training methods that would work best for you.

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