Thursday, May 29, 2008

From Followers to Leaders

One of the resources we provide for local congregations is Natural Church Development surveys and coaching services. Robert E. Logan is the executive director of CoachNet, Inc. and the lead trainer for NCD coaches. Bob has been a church planter, pastor, church consultant and seminary professor over the course of his ministry. He serves as the Director of Research and Development at Church Smart Resources. He graduated from U.C.L.A. with a B.S. in chemistry, an M.Div. from Western Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon (pastoral studies), and a D.Min. from Fuller Theological Seminary (church growth). Bob and his wife live in Los Angeles, CA.
He has recently released new book entitled From Followers to Leaders. I have not read it yet, but I recently read the exerpt below provided by Church Smart Resources. I connected with his thoughts, and I believe they are in line with my series of articles on leadership. I plan to get a copy of his book, but I wanted to share his ideas.

Debunking the Myths of Leadership Development:
  • Myth: Developing leaders is about having the right program to run people through.

  • Reality: Developing leaders is primarily a relational process, centered on the individual, not the system. The most effective starting point is the person, not the program.

  • Myth: Developing leaders is a synonym for training.

  • Reality: Training constitutes one small piece of leadership development, and it doesn't always look like classroom training.

  • Myth: Developing leaders correctly means treating them all exactly the same and expecting that they will all turn out exactly the same.

  • Reality: Everyone has different God-given gifts, capacities, and callings. Developing a quiet intercessor will look very different than developing an entrepreneurial church planter. And it should. Leaders do not all look the same.

  • Myth: Leadership development begins with mature Christians.

  • Reality: Because we are holistic beings, developing leaders is a holistic process. Evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development are all part of one whole...they're all integrated. Leadership development actually begins with pre-Christians.

  • Myth: Leadership development focuses on skills.

  • Reality: Skills are one piece of the whole pie. Effective development takes ito account the individual as a personal, social, emotional, spiritual being. Any compartmentalization of these areas of our lives is artificial.

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Drew Hill said...

I think he's right on target, Jim. The word that Logan keeps describing but not actually saying is mentoring. And it is the biblical model. I'm not sure when we traded it in for the institutional or corporate model.

I wish I had known these truths 20 years ago. I'd be miles ahead today with a lot less wasted time in meetings and programs. Thanks.