Sunday, June 29, 2008

Common Ground

I began a new teaching assignment today. Common Ground is a Bible study class directed by Cari Collins at First Baptist Church in Jefferson City, Missouri, where Bettie Jo and I are members. It is an unusual gathering of a diverse group--attorneys, medical doctors, students, and other young professionals. Judge Duane Benton has been teaching the class for several years. He is completing a move to the Kansas City area with his family, and Cari convinced me I should become their new teacher. I told the class that I was on probation--they can still fire me if things don't work out.

The class has been studying the revised common lectionary scripture passages. At least for the present, we are planning to continue the process. I have been a part of a lot of different Bible study classes and groups through the years both as a teacher and a participant. This is truly a unique group. The conversation is open and lively. No one seems to have any hesitation about speaking up to share an insight or to ask a question. They seem genuinely interested in exploring the scripture to both understand its meaning and find appropriate application for their lives today. Preparation for this class will be a new experience for me because of their use of the RCL and because of the diversity of the class. I am looking forward to the challenge and opportunity.

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