Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Love the Church

Today, I want to admit something very personal. I have an ongoing love affair. The one I love is beautiful, talented, gracious and generous. She is giving, loving, and precious to me. She is bold, exciting and challenging. We have had a lifelong romance. Of course those adjectives describe my wife, Bettie Jo, but I have another love besides my wife. These same characteristics describe the church. I love the church!

The church of the Lord Jesus Christ has been my life. I went to church with my mother prior to my birth. Shortly after my birth, I found myself enrolled in the cradle roll of the nursery. In the church I learned the great stories of the Bible and the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. In the church I found the solid foundation for my life. I have made life-long friends. I discovered my spiritual gifts, and I sensed my call to ministry. In the church I married my wife, my life partner. I first began to preach and teach. In the church I have raised my children, and in the church I hope to raise my grandchildren. In the church, serving my Savior, I have found meaning and purpose. The church has been my life. I love the church!

Maybe most of all I love the church because I love my Savior and the scriptures tell us that he loved the church and gave himself for the church! The first priority of the Baptist General Convention is serving churches. If we can help your church, give our staff a call.

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