Monday, October 12, 2009

Understanding Religious Liberty published an article by Zack Dawes. Zach is a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship ministerial resident at Trinity Baptist Church in Moultrie, Ga. The article was entitled "Christians Support Religious Liberty -- for Themselves." He points out "Christians ought to be the champions of religious Liberty, yet Christians often defend their religious freedom to the exclusion of others."

Dawes correctly says, "The
First Amendment is intended to protect the freedom of religion (free exercise clause) and the freedom from religion (establishment clause). Yet one is left to wonder why the concept is so difficult for many Christians to grasp. Even if Christians happen to be the overwhelming majority in a community, this does not abrogate the First Amendment, which protects individuals from having religious beliefs forced upon them." He points out Christians might view things differently if they found themselves in the minority in their community.

Check out his article here.

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