Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Different Books, Common Word" has produced another timely documentary. If ever there was a time when Baptists and Muslims needed to begin genuine relationships and dialogue it is today. In 2007, 138 Muslim scholars and leaders issued an open letter to Christians. The letter was called "A Common Word Between Us and You," and it sought to improve relations between Muslims and Christians in all parts of the world. Click here to read the letter from Muslims. In 2009, the Baptist World Alliance, the largest body of Baptists, wrote a response to the letter. Click here to read the letter from Baptists.

The website says, From Boston to the Bible Belt and from Beaumont to the nation’s beltway, Baptists and Muslims are changing history with the way they change each other. Tired of being defined by extremists, some Baptists and Muslims in the United States have sought and found common ground: the common word in both traditions to love God and love neighbor. The courageous Baptists and Muslims in “Different Books, Common Word” will surprise you.

I am grateful for the leadership of the staff in producing this documentary. I hope you will watch your ABC listings for the times when it will air in your area. The program will be supplied to ABC-TV stations beginning in January 2010 through an arrangement with the Islamic Society of North America, the Interfaith Broadcasting Commission and ABC. You will also be able to order "Different Books, Common Word: Baptists and Muslims" on DVD in January 2010.

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