Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Missouri Missions Offering

I am grateful for the break in the hot, humid days of summer. The fall has always been my favorite time of year with warm days and cool evening. School has started, football games have begun, and everyone seems to be settling back into their routines following a busy summer.

The fall is also the time of year when we promote our Missouri State Missions Offering. September and October are the traditional times when we think and pray about the mission opportunities and needs of Missouri. The 2010 State Missions Offering will provide funding for our Mission Partnerships as we enable local churches to become directly involved in Missouri, national, and international mission partnerships. Our Missions Mobilization Team gives direction to these mission partnerships and volunteers from churches across our state have an opportunity to get involved in hands-on mission projects. The offering will also provide resources for new church starts across the state.

One-third of the Missouri Missions Offering provides support for our benevolent institutions through The Baptist Home, the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home, and the Freeway Foundation. Your gifts help to provide care for senior adults and children who need Christian homes and care. The offering will also provide funds for the Freeway Foundation’s drug and alcohol awareness programs across Missouri. Missions is about Believing, Giving, Caring, and Ministering in the name of Christ. Our state-wide goal is $18,000. Your gifts make a difference! I hope you will lead your church to be a part of the Missouri Missions Offering. Resources for the offering are available here.

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