Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life Transitions

The older I get the more I realize that life is about transitions and change. That may be why it seems hard sometimes. None of us really like change. Bettie Jo and I sometimes reflect on how it seems we are becoming our parents. Sometimes it scares us, but not all changes are scary.

Our youngest son is getting married this weekend. I have the wonderful privilege of conducting the ceremony as Joshua David Hill and Sabrina Nicole McKechnie publicly shared their marriage vows. Josh is ten years younger than his brothers, James and Joe. The age difference delayed our official empty nest, but in reality Josh has been on his own for a couple of years. He has 15 hours left to complete a degree in forensic science. He hopes to work in a crime lab when he graduates.

We are excited about officially welcoming Sabrina into our family. Josh and Sabrina began dating while they were in high school. There are few transitions in life that impact us more than the decision to get married. I often share in my pre-marital counseling that marriage is never exactly what we expect. It is always less and always more than we expect, but it is obviously a very important life transition. I hope for Josh and Sabrina that their marriage will offer them the same opportunities to grow, the same joy, and the same adventure that I have found in mine.